[LH2829]: Selection Affects Other Editor - opens in current editor if click on icon

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The tutorial says the following:
The outliner and corkboard are not only great organisational tools: they can also be used to navigate, just like the binder, using the “Selection Affects Other Editor” tool:
Split the editor if necessary.
In the other editor, load any folder and switch to either corkboard or outliner mode.
Note the button containing an arrow pointing out of a box in the footer bar:

That’s the “Selection Affects Other Editor” button. Click on it now. You will notice that it turns blue, to indicate that it is on. When this button is on, selecting documents in the corkboard or outliner will open them in the other editor if there is a split.

While this works if one clicks on a card in the corkboard, if you click on the icon in the title bar of an individual card, it opens up in the current editor rather than in the other editor. I would expect this behavior would be normal if you were clicking on a document or folder with sub-documents (normal corkboard behavior), but not if there are no child docs.

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Thanks! This has been filed.
Bryan Bender