tab and return not working in script format

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I'm dropbox syncing two comic scripts between my mac and ios ( on iphone 7), They're using the comic format that came with scrivener 2. It used to work fine, but the latest round of iOS updates broke the script writing format: the tab and return key aren't switching between script elements anymore. E.G, if I press tab on an empty line in the panel description, it just indents instead of going to character name.

Not all are broken: Return on dialogue still brings me back to panel description, and tab on character name gets me the parantheses after the name, but that's pretty much all that's left.

Figuring that it might be the format itself broken, I made a new file on iOS and applied the default screenplay format to it - there the tab key and return keys are not working as expected either, Return only keeps you in the same script element (e.g. character name stays character name on pressing return) and tab doesn't seem to work at all.

How do I fix that?

This bug slows down scriptwriting so much, it renders Scrivener useless for me. I now have to manually pick the script element every time I start a new line - which means I'd be better off just taking my projects to evernote and do the formatting manually.

Google hasn't been a help, it only returned articles written in 2012 - 1014.