Stability problem with iPad Pro

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My scrivener app keeps crashing when I go to the projects view. I installed scrivener for iOS yesterday. I also linked a single project with dropbox. All this worked yesterday before leaving work. This morning, the application keeps crashing almost immediately. I was able to open the project and keep the the project view open without any crashes. When I go back to the projects view, the app crashes. Note, the application does not crash if I shut off wifi connectivity to the ipad. My platform is the first generation iPad Pro.

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You can always try deleting the app and re-install it.
Or maybe there is something in one of your projects that is making Scrivener unstable?
I have been running Scrivener on my 12" iPad pro since iOS Scrivener was released, without problems.
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You might try resetting the sync cache in Settings, under Scrivener reset options, before taking a reinstall step. If some corrupted sync data is on the local device, then every time you trigger a sync check it might crash, and that's something that would happen on the project screen.
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