Virtual Keyboard overlaps typing area on iPhone XR

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Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:19 pm Post

Result: When typing in a document, the virtual keyboard overlaps most of the current line of text so the user cannot see what they are typing.
Expected Result: To be able to see the text being written on the screen above the virtual keyboard.

1. Open Scrivener iOS on iPhone XR
2. Go into a project.
3. Open a new document or an existing one.
4. Type down to line 21 or lower.
5. Observe the text as it prints to screen is beneath the virtual keyboard.

This occurs regardless of which keyboard features are enabled. It also occurs on third party keyboards if enabled. It will occur if adjusting line spacing on Scrivener as well.
Tested on iOS 13.2.3, iPhone XR, Scrivener for iOS version 1.2.
Repeatability 3/3

The attached image displays the issue.