Syncing Between Mac and Ios using

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I use which is a Dropbox competitor but essentially identical. Is it possible to sync between my max and my ipad? All the guides I've found have been about dropbox in particular.

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I am also open to using Icloud to sync the files as long as I can also use as a backup, but I seem to remember that mixing syncing technologies is buggy. Not sure if that applies to this situation or not.

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Scrivener on iOS has a Dropbox sync functionality built into it and it does not offer other options.

I don't know about, but some sync services screw up scrivener projects, because they handle package files poorly (Scriv projects are not single files as they appear to be on macs, but packages of files). Dropbox handles packages well and hence the focus on dropbox.

What i just said implies that you need to be careful about even storing a scrivener project in a synced location, even if you are not trying to also access your projects from ios scrivener.

You can read a lot about this on these forums if you search around.

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I’ve been using for years to collaborate with a friend, even though the Sync people claim it is not suitable for complex projects like Scrivener projects. However the answer is that only Dropbox provide the necessary API to allow Scrivener on iOS/iPadOS to access the project directly and sync with your Mac/PC.

I use Sync for my active projects, with one or two on Dropbox, in case I ever need to access them on my iPad. Zipped backups, on the other hand, go to iCloud or Box. Mixing different cloud platforms like that causes no problems at all.


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