No projects will open.

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I just purchased Scrivener today. I opened the app back up a few hours later and I can't open my lone project with barely any text in it. Extremely upset! It allows me to make a new project which is what "H" is but I can't open that either.
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I turned Dark Mode off in my iPhone setting and that seem that have fixed it, So i assume if i turn to app to dark mode and my iPhone to dark mode it'll work that way. The only problem i'm having with dark mode on the app is when I attempt to highlight a word or change text color its not visible. Any reason for this?

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The solution appears to be to switch both the iPhone Settings And Scrivener settings to light or dark and then back. There are several threads on this if you search the forum.
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I’ve tried this and it’s not working.

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I just came across this as well. I turned off iOS Dark Mode and it worked. But only if the Scrivener mode is set to Light mode as well. Dark Mode Scrivener (either iOS and/or Scrivener) opens with the box versions of the projects and will not open them.

There is definitely an iOS 13 related bug here.

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Hello all I believe I have found a work-around :idea: when the switching off of dark mode does not seem to help. So for me it worked at first and then it stopped working again. I kept messing with it and I finally found a work-around for now.
  • Create a project: call it “test”.
  • Save it to your files app on the iPhone.
  • Open project inside of the files app and it should open your scrivener.
  • When you go back to the menu, VOILA, it’s like nothing ever happened.

Keep that file over on your files app because you will have to use it every single time you close the app and reopen it. But hey, it’s a pretty simple fix while we wait for the code to get fixed.

Please let me know if this helped.

Happy writing!

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