Writing a Novel on 12.9 Ipad Pro?

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Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:37 pm Post

UPDATE: I just tried out the "Pen to Print" iOS app, Scanning a copy of my best handwriting (i.e., easily legible to other humans) resulted in a transcription so garbled that typing it in from scratch would be faster than correcting the transcription line-by-line. I'm afraid I can't recommend this app based on my own experience.

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smile wrote:Thanks.

Interesting thoughts. I'll do some more exploring.

I do wonder if use of the apple pencil and handwriting recognition isn't something that ought to be included in the IOS version of Scrivener. A lot of writers prefer to write by hand, but then have to turn it into a word type file to send it to an editor, So it seems like quite a logical feature to have in the main Scrivener IOS program?

You can install a new keyboard named “sevyPen”. It will allow you to write with the Apple Pen and is converted to text and dumped into the open document. Works for email and most any app. You install the free app, and use the “world” icon beside the spacebar (left side). Hold down on the icon to bring up a list of your keyboards.

Hope that helps.

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I’d strongly suggest dictating your handwritten pages into Scrivener. I have repetitive strain issues in my hands and so I do a lot of speaking rather than typing. It takes a bit to get used to but the technology has come a long way and I find it to be quite good (although there’s always a little correcting that needs doing here and there). The microphone button on the iPad’s keyboard is how you get going with that. You have to get used to saying things like “period” and “new line”, but honestly it’s a life saver for my wrists and sounds nicer to me than having to retype your entire manuscript.

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Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:21 am Post

kierrr wrote:I’d strongly suggest dictating your handwritten pages into Scrivener.

I second that. Not because any strain issue, but because I’ve found that reading your written text aloud is the best way to spot issues of flow, syntax word choice etc. If it doesn’t feel “right” when you read the text, there is room for improvement.
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