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Thu Aug 11, 2016 8:06 pm Post

Just to add to your pleasant discomfiture, Katherine, I had just the same thoughts when reading your note yesterday - this was really a very fine one ;)


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Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:49 pm Post

kewms wrote:"Seamless operation" is kind of a funny phrase, because it turns out that the real world is full of seams.

You are happily working away in your favorite coffee shop, and the owner's kid trips over the cord for the WiFi router and yanks it out of the wall.

You're jotting down a couple of quick sentences in the airport lounge, but your plane is boarding and so you close your MacBook and go.

Your bus or train goes through a tunnel. Your power goes out. Your battery dies. The list goes on and on.

A Scrivener project being synchronized between a desktop and an iOS device exists in at least three places: on the desktop system, on the iOS device, and in the Dropbox cloud. In theory, all three copies are identical.

In practice, the world is full of seams. Transmitting data from your device to the Dropbox cloud, or from the cloud to your device, will consume finite time. If the connection fails at an inopportune moment, no company on earth can prevent a discrepancy between copies. Not Apple, not Dropbox, not Google, and certainly not Literature & Latte.

Given that discrepancies are inevitable, then, how should they be resolved? iCloud has one answer, which is only reliable for individual documents, not multi-document packages like Scrivener projects (or DevonTechnologies databases -- a very similar conversation is taking place around DevonThink To Go). Google Docs has another answer, which depends on the massive computing resources available to Google, plus their own proprietary formats. And Literature & Latte has another answer, involving the conflict resolution capabilities of Dropbox.

Is it the only answer? No. Is it the best answer? Maybe, maybe not, depending on your goals. But it's the answer that Literature & Latte has chosen, balancing the requirements of cross-platform usability, reliability, and programming resources.


I said to myself, self, should I report this post for its provocative nature? What right does she have producing a technical explanation with clarity and inviting readability? I will reread it a few times because, well, I have to.
I'm a Scrivener user, not an L&L employee.

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Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:26 pm Post

scshrugged wrote:I said to myself, self, should I report this post for its provocative nature? What right does she have producing a technical explanation with clarity and inviting readability? I will reread it a few times because, well, I have to.

:oops: I am a *writer,* after all. :D

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Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:01 pm Post

narrsd wrote: For my sins, I became curious what set off this little exercise in displeasure, thus looked through some recent postings and answers.

Given the opacity of the OP's initial screed, I think your impulse is understandable. I had the same impulse.

narrsd wrote: Frankly, LeoGorcey, I think you over-reacted, it seems to someone suggesting you exercise caution with precious Scrivener projects.

It's also possible you've been tantalized by WD MyCloud's suggestion that it works 'seamlessly' with Dropbox, but disappointed because people here say this isn't going to operate reliably, or support Scrivener iOS.

As far as I can tell, the OP was tantalized by his stated need to sync Scrivener projects locally between his iOS device(s) and his Mac, entirely bypassing the cloud. The OP's preferred method to do this was WD's iOS app. Lunk told him there are two ways to get a Scrivener project round-trip between iOS and desktop: iTunes or Dropbox. Another user told him if he had to keep his projects away from the cloud, iTunes was his only option.

Then over the course of a week or so, despite asking the same question slightly differently in several separate threads, various users confirmed what he'd already been told. In each instance, the OP offered gracious thanks and finally said he would purchase the iOS app and experiment.

Several days later, he posted the "little exercise in displeasure" at the top of this thread, in which he divided Scrivener forum users into Trump or Sanders supporters, elevated either Keith or Scrivener itself into a deity, and compared Apple (and possibly L&L) to King Kong.

Had he been one of my students, I would have given his draft a D+ with the option to revise.

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Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:11 pm Post

If Charles Stross is happy to use Dropbox sync, cased closed. http://www.literatureandlatte.com/blog/?p=925