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After a week of trial and error, I have found -so I believe, at least- two ways of solving this problem, which are not fully satisfactory, but they work:

1) delete the app, re-download it and synchronize with Dropbox. Whatever problem I had with syncing before disappears when I sync for the first time with the app for the first time after reinstalling it.
2) when it is stalled, cancel synching and do it time again until all the files are synced and the app displays the message saying everything is in order.

It is a bit disturbing to see each time a different number of files to be synced but it seems that in the end, all of them are properly in place and there is no loss of data..

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Silly question, but are you leaving the app open, and the screen on while it syncs?

When I first loaded Scrivener on my iPad I had like 2.1k files to sync and it was taking forever. So I closed my case (and it put the screen to sleep) and promptly paused the sync. Later when I opened it back up and saw it hadn't finished, I switched apps and again, it promptly paused syncing while it was not the active app.

If neither of these things effect you, it might be you have a connect related issue. Have you tried a forced restart on your iDevice? Hold the screen sleep button until the swipe to power-off appears? WiFi networks get cranky if there are a number of them nearby and sometimes the little brains that manage the session keys get tripped up. If its available on your device, have you tried sync on mobile data to see if its just WiFi thats causing you trouble?
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