When "cork" isn't cork

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Just getting used to the iOS version, which I really love, and like some others, was confused for many long minutes trying to figure out how to get my corkboard to look like a corkboard. On the Mac version there’s an option to set an image as the corkboard background, and I have done ever since I started using Scrivener five or six years ago— a picture of a corkboard that I liked better than Scrivener’s original picture! I really miss the option to do that here. All talk of design imperatives aside, it really does make a difference to me to have the corkboard look like a corkboard— softens the transition from old fashioned to new fangled tools, and/or (continuing above discussion) makes the new fangled metaphor more effective. I wish I had it. :(

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The Outline view is a view of the content as an outline. The Corkboard is a view of the content as Index Cards.

If L&L don't like the design aesthetic of cork, perhaps the function should be renamed to Index Cards.

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My pardon for the use of metaphor without the accompaniment of photorealistic texturing, but I feel like perhaps we are driving around a cul-de-sac. :)
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