Dropbox zips everything and Scrivener doesn't see zipped files

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rdale wrote:There are three "dropboxes", and I think there may be some assumptions/confusion regarding the difference. One is dropbox.com, the website; you can browse, upload, and download files and folder via that interface--this is NOT the way to set up syncing between the iOS version and a desktop version of Scrivener. Another "dropbox" is the program you download and install on your computer(s); on dropbox.com, click on your name/userid in the upper right of the page, and click "Install" to get the software. The third is the Dropbox folder that the software installation will create for you.

Once you've installed the software the FOLDER is what you'll interact with on your computer (everything else will be automatic). You simply move the .scriv folder (which is the scrivener project as seen on Windows) to the Dropbox folder, just like any other folder on your computer. There is no uploading (by you) required in this process. The software will notice that the folder has new files in it, and it will begin making copies and uploading those copies to dropbox.com for you. The iOS version will then have access to the project if you put it in the right sub-folder of the Dropbox folder.

Incidentally, if you have two desktop computers, and you install the dropbox software on both, files in the Dropbox folder on both computers will be syncronized to be identical on both computers, but you have to make sure that each computer is connected to the internet, and that you've given each computer sufficient time to upload and download all files first.

Thanks for this thorough explanation. Problem fixed :D