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Re: Marshal Law (NiaD 2015)

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:23 am
by Montree_Whiles
Another thing I really like is the inclusion of comments from participants about previous NIAD efforts.

Re: Marshal Law (NiaD 2015)

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:24 pm
by pigfender
I'm always thrilled to read people's reactions to the books, and I sometimes hear about people compiling their own versions with cherry-picked chapters from the different versions.

My favourite re-compilation so far, though, comes from the mighty gr! See this link for a really cool way to read Marshal Law online, which is about as easy a way to compare the different versions of each of the chapters that I've seen or heard about!

Huge thanks to gr for producing this! Hope you all like it too!