A sketch of a method to convert your old .scap files so it displays correctly in high DPI with scaling

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I'm going to simply describe the process that works for me. A different computer may need to use different parameters.

Basically, the idea is to find all occurrences of a numerical coordinate in your .scap file, and "multiply each by a constant". In my own case the constant that works best is 2.6

Thus, what originally looks like

<Note Width="114.917" FontSize="12" ID="102" Position="2448.4,3654.0">

Now becomes

<Note Width="298.7842" FontSize="12" ID="102" Position="6365.84,9500.4">

As you can see, there are 3 floating point numbers and each is multiplied by 2.6.

If you know programming you can of course write a script to automate it. In my own case, I simply did the following

- opened the .scap file in Sublime Text
- use an appropriate regex to multiple-select all occurrences of these numbers,
- invoke "Command Pallette"
- invoke the built-in command "Arithemtic"
- input "x * 2.6", press return

The notes that used to be all scrunched up now display correctly.