Please resist Scapple Complexity!

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Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:03 pm Post

There are many mind mapping products that can produce complex detailed 'idea charts'. Xmind Free and FreePlane are just two such titles. But I like Scapple's intuitive and casual freeform nature. I tend to do my broad, "Blue sky thinking" in Scapple, and then move on to a more formal, more rigid mapping tool to fill in the details.

If there is any improvement I'd like to see is the ability to export to the "*.mm" file format. The OPML export is unsatisfactory in that it doesn't really retain the linkages. Relationships are important to maintain, and it could save a great deal of time when I get to the stage where I want to add detail to my ideas. As near as I can tell, the (I assume) open source "*.mm" file format is as close to a standardized file format as the industry has gotten.

I'm less concerned about importing "*.mm" files since I see Scapple as the start of the ideation workflow, but would certainly have no problems if it were able to import the 'mm' files.