Changing Format of textfield could be better

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It is rather cumbersome to change the format of the font/Textfield: You have to click the textfield, then to go up to "Format", than to click on "Font", than to go to the right of the selection. What was my idea? Oh, I forgot ot. :?
I have been working with Mindjet MindManager (Scapple is better for free thinking and writing :wink: ) for a long time - to change the text format it's much easier (like MS Word): I only need to click on the text field only with the right mouse button and get all the important options to quickly format the text.
In my opinion this simple thing would make the work with Scapple better.

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I’m not quite clear on what you mean the “font/Textfield”, but have you tried using the Inspector instead of menus? There is a one-click palette you can use for changing the document font in one tab, and note specific stuff in the first tab.
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