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Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:34 am Post

I'm confused about this discussion, since I'm delighted by the synching function and know it can't do everything imaginable. It does what I need done and that's more than enough.

Keep in mind that Simplenote (and its kindred Notional Velocity on Macs) places everything in one master folder and pulls out particular files based on searches. For organization, their powerful, full-text search function substitutes for a more complex folder structure and filenaming. You might want to play around with that and see if it can do what you need done.

If you need an iPhone/iPad app that understands folders and works with Scrivener, then you may want PlainText from Hog Bay Software. It already understands folders and can dedicate a folder to each Scrivener project and synch them through the marvelous Dropbox, so all the files are available on multiple Macs, PCs, iPhones and iPads.

Also, soon two of Hog Bay's other apps, WriteRoom (a more powerful writing app than PlainText) and TaskPaper (outlines and lists), will handle folders and synch through DropBox. One or more of the three should do what you want. Here are my plans:

    Use TaskPaper to move on-the-go ideas into Scrivener because I like its way of displaying bullet lists.

    Use either PlainText or WriteRoom for on-the-go editing of Scrivener drafts.

    Also, to keep life simple, I use each text app for one thing. I use Simplenote for notes and to-do lists not connected to my writing and Notes for keeping things that rarely change like clothing sizes.

You might want to look into PlainText first. The ad-supported version is free from the app store and for the month of November 2010 you can upgrade to the ad-free version for 99 cents. On the iPad, it's a particularly attractive writing application.

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