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Wed Apr 01, 2020 4:20 am Post

For a future update, I would love to see more options available for the Touch Bar for the fiction writer.

At the moment, the available buttons are very limited. There are only two that are of any use: styles and highlight.

Most fiction writers, surely, aren't colouring text, adding lists, adding images, inserting tables, emojis, indents, or changing line heights. Which renders the vast majority of the available Touch Bar buttons of no use for fiction. Non-fiction, sure, I bet that's all very helpful.

The Touch Bar really comes into its own when you're in the Compose Window and all the menus and toolbars are gone. In this mode you have to remember shortcuts and I forget them half the time. Or you can scroll to the bottom bar, but fast typists like to stay away from the trackpad as much as possible, it's a time sucker.

I would love to be able to toggle in and out of Compose, Turn on my Target window, Turn on my Keywords window. I'd love to be able to toggle between Keywords and Notes in the Inspector.

Setapp is also great but the trial was really buggy (the Touch Bar wouldn't come back after you zipped out of it to highlight) and paying $10 per month to customise the Touch Bar with a buggy app is not worth the cost.

Would love to use the Touch Bar a lot more!

Thanks! :D