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Mon May 20, 2019 8:33 pm Post

Hi folks
At the moment I can manually enter a Project Word Count Target via <Project Show Targets>. That same popup shows progress -- eg 50,000 words written of 80,000 word target

I enter Word Count Targets for documents, chapters, folders ... eg 10,000 for that folder, 3000 for that chapter, etc. Scrivener totals these per folder, enabling me to see via Outliner what the target is per folder or chapter

However, the total of all those targets (ie my actual total project word count target) is only visible via the editor when viewing the top folder in Scrivenings mode.

Here's my suggestion: are you able to make the Project Word Count Target in the pop up equal to the total that appears at the bottom of the Scrivener Screen, not one that is entered by the user? ie in the same way the popup counts actual words in the whole document, can it count actual targets in the whole document, since these are entered manually in each document/chapter ...?

Thank you for a great product

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What APH suggests in this post seems like a great idea.

Scrivener already adds up all document Word Counts into folder Total Word Counts.

Why doesn't the sum of all Word Count targets appear as the Total Project Target, instead of only having a manual input?

For example, if a draft has five chapters (folders), each with 10k words as target, why doesn't the Project Target become automatically 50k, instead of requiring the user to enter 50k manually?

I understand that not everyone outlines and sets word count targets for each and every document, section and chapter. But for those who do, having this feature would have a significant positive impact in how Project Targets window works.

Thank you.