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Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:22 pm Post

Ole Wich wrote:Move "No style" to bottom because it is more seldom used.
Annoying to pass by every time I need at style.

No, it makes sense at the top because it is the default and also affects both character and paragraph styles. "None" or the default setting always belongs at the top of menus.
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Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:24 pm Post

If you are using the Style menu with such great regularity that having entries at the top constitutes UI fatigue—you might want to try adding a few shortcuts to your styles! Easiest approach:

  1. Use the Format ▸ Style ▸ Show Styles Panel menu command.

    (Incidentally, not a bad thing to keep up alongside your project window if you find the menu difficult. You can just point and click as needed.)
  2. Right-click on a commonly used style and use the “Change Keyboard Shortcut” contextual submenu to give it a number.

I only use the menu for unusual styles. With nine available hotkeys, everything common is easily used, and the floating styles panel serves as a cheatsheet if I forget. But, when I do use the menu I use it in the most efficient manner I know of:

  1. ⇧⌘Y to pop up the style selection menu.
  2. Start typing in the name of the style I want, and when it is selected, punch the return key.

    But even if you use the mouse here, chances are you will be moving the pointer up or across into the menu, and directly toward the entry you desire. You aren’t (a) moving the pointer and (b) very carefully clicking on a tiny button and then (c) having to pull the pointer down through “dud” entries you don’t use. You just go straight to it, from wherever the mouse is already.

Move “No style” to bottom because it is more seldom used.

At least in my case, this is hardly true. If anything it is probably the most often used command in that menu, as nearly every single instance of applying a style to text will at some point need to be toggled back off when I’m done typing in the words that belong to that style. So no matter which style command I use to start, I will end identically with applying “No Style” to get back to normal typing (I know you can toggle by using the original style’s shortcut, but I rather prefer how one behaviour has one command to remember, regardless of whatever current contextual styling is going on.)

Of course, I don’t use the menu for something so frequently used. I use the dedicated ⌥⌘0 shortcut.
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Thank you. Very helpfull.