“Project Already Open” could be way more helpful and less scary

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Threat? Who said anything about threats? It has long been L&L's position that we want our users to be happy with their tools, even if that means that they choose tools other than Scrivener.

Real time collaboration is an extremely difficult technical problem that may not be solvable without significant changes to Scrivener's other functionality, but it is that other functionality that is the basis of our success.

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75th wrote:
devinganger wrote:Google Docs was developed by a multi-million dollar corporation that took years to build a word processor UI over what is essentially a multi-access editing engine,

Google Docs was an acquisition of a web app called Writely, which was written by three people. And Google Docs today is definitely not 14 years more advanced than what they bought.

Not on the surface, no, but I've actually talked to friends inside Google, and there was a large behind-the-scenes struggle to get Google Docs up to a point of stability and robustness that a three-person team didn't have for a product that basically relies on storing your data in someone else's cloud at anything involving real world scale. Realtime collaboration products quickly stretch existing protocols and technologies to their breaking points and uncover all of the hidden assumptions that have been buried all up and down the network and OS stack, and you have to come up with solutions for every single one. That requires a serious investment of time, money, and capital.
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