Trying to contact support for upgrade

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I have now emailed the company approximately ten times or so with proof of purchase of Scrivener 2 from the Mac App Store, requesting a discount code - which I still have not received. 0/10 for customer service

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According to our records, we received a correspondence from you on the 2nd of December, asking for a coupon. We responded approximately seven hours later with information on how to submit a proof of purchase to qualify for the coupon.

Six days later, late at night, you sent a response mentioning an attached screenshot, but no attachments were on the email you sent. We requested clarification the following morning, and about four hours after that, but we received no response to either message, nor anything since then—at least under that email address.

Perhaps try putting your proof of purchase in a zip file and attaching it that way. Maybe however you were sending it before was triggering a virus warning.

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