Workaround Suggestions for Lack of Keywords in iOS

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I use the ios text replacement function with shortcuts, which is under Settings/General/Keyboard/Text Replacment.

So for the name Jaxi, I've created a jx shortcut and whenever I type in jx, the name pops right in.

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I’m seeing quite a bit of hostility here and not understanding it. I initially came ask the same question and found viable answers. Nothing has been evasive or an excuse as far as I can tell, and it seems like on this and other questions, people aren’t understanding that there is a limit to what you can make a program do. Yes, other programs have tag-searching systems, but most of those programs don’t have features that Scrivener does.
Furthermore, there are already several workarounds mentioned that would require no more effort than using an integrated tag system. My favorite is using notes and the project search, since that is just as effective and arguably more customizable than a standard tag search.
At the moment, though, many of you only seem interested in venting frustrations on someone who has already answered your question.

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Wouldn't one solution be to not have the Keywords appearing as part of the iOS interface, per se, but to allow them to be searchable? A sort of Read-only option.

The metadata must be there in the files… so then a quick Search on what you know is the title of your keyword and hey presto, you've got a list of all the documents containing it?