When I write fast, suddenly the text is all gone

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When I write fast, suddenly the text is all gone.
So, I do ctrl-z to recover it, but it does not work
It is just all gone. Why does this happen?
My assumption is I wrote too fast, so I press some short-cuts.
So, ctrl-z does not work and I lost everything I wrote.

Is there any problem with writing fastly?

Or, Can I at least change the shortcuts, so I can prevent these problems?

Is there any way that I can find the lost text?
I checked everything, but it seems that there is nothing left.

I am literally crying now.
So, if there is anyway, please let me know.

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Welcome to the forum, SYAAK. I'm sorry that your first post is in such problematic circumstances for you.

As a user, I can say that in ten years' use of Scrivener I've never experienced the problem you are facing. However, it will probably help others to help you if you provide more details of your set-up, such as the size of your project, the version of Scrivener you are using and the version of macOS it is running on. It will also probably help to know more about the circumstances in which you lost your work; for example, what part of Scrivener were you typing in? Also, have you checked your Scrivener back-ups? You can find their location by checking the menu item Scrivener > Preferences > Backup.
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syaak wrote:Hi!

So, I do ctrl-z to recover it, but it does not work

Not sure this will help with recovery, but for future reference the Undo shortcut is not control-z but command-z, which is probably why undo didn't seem to work.

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If you manage to hit Command-A, all your text will be selected and then replaced on the next keystroke. You may even have a keyboard problem, or you may be hitting a key rollover limitation.

Few keyboards have "n-key" rollover. Many have just two key rollover. My Apple wired keyboard seems to do about four keys, which is enough that I've never noticed any dropped characters.

However, in addition to key rollover limitations, some keyboards will create phantoms. Hit "asd", holding them and you may actually see "asd" just fine - but hit one more key and you might see more than one additional character, stuff you didn't type.

Also, if you have any utilities for remapping your keys or creating keystroke macros, you might look there.

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Not certain if this is related, but I recently installed the maintenance upgrade a few days ago (v3, MacBook Air, OS X 10.13.2 , 4mg RAM - I know, could use more ... ) and am experiencing uncharacteristic delays in the program - the typing holding for a second or so, slow auto-save response. I have undone some of the autosave features and expanded the wait times for any auto-features to kick in and have moderated it somewhat. Did not experience this with the first build of v3. BTW - had some troubles adjusting to the new paradigm but once I got it adjusted to how I output my books it works great. I can see the benefits of the new direction.