Version 3 for existing (very unhappy) users of the Mac App store

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Hi there,

I bought Scrivener less than a year ago for both MacOS and iOS, assuming that I would get updates for at least a while. Since I bought through the Mac App store, I am now left out of updates, and have the choice of buying the new version at full price!!!!
I feel totally ripped off, and am really unhappy with the way you are treating existing customers. Please do something about this. At the very least you could ask existing customers to forward the receipt from the Mac App store as a means to verify the purchase.


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Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:19 pm Post

If you provide some documentation then buy direct from L&L, you can purchase at the discount rate. Their explanation:

Important note to Mac App Store customers: We have no record of our Mac App Store customers because Apple does not share this information with us, so we are sadly unable to provide automatic update discounts for users who bought Scrivener from Apple. Moreover, Apple does not provide any way of offering upgrade discounts on the Mac App Store. We want to make this offer open to all our users, though, so if you are a Mac App Store customer and would like a discount on the update, please email us with a proof of purchase and we will send you a discount coupon that you can use to purchase Scrivener 3 from our store. ... remail.htm
I'm a Scrivener user, not an L&L employee.

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:28 pm Post

Hi Justus, You'll be happy to know that we are, in fact, offering Mac App Store users the discounted price on the direct download version if you'll send us your proof of purchase, as explained on our website here (scroll down to the section for Mac App Store Users). The MAS doesn't provide a mechanism for offering upgrade discounts, so unfortunately it's not possible to get the reduced upgrade price through their store, but we will certainly honor your proof of purchase to enable you to get the discount from our store.

Please forward your original App Store purchase receipt (clearly showing Scrivener and the date of purchase) to updates AT literatureandlatte DOT com and our team will get back to you as soon as possible with a discount coupon. Please be patient as we're still working through a lot of emails; you're welcome to download and use Scrivener 3.0 while you're waiting, as the trial will last 30 days of use, and you'll be able to just plug in your licence when you get it.
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