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I have to say Scrivener seems to me to be the Missing Link in my workflow, which is currently
DevonThink Pro [Universal Repository Of All Known Things And Unknown]
Tinderbox (Vast project-specific cognitive map)
Mellel (Writing the stuff)

Odd. (or not...) This seems to be a recurring theme here. Those of us who work with these apps might benefit from a little back and forth in the Usage Scenarios thread. I've been scratching my head over this, trying to design a good flow from DT to TB to Scriv to Mellel and the dreaded Final Draft. A shrinking part of my brain refuses to let go of the idea that I should be able to do all this in one app, but this forum is starting to convince me that differents applications can specialize in just part of the process and consequently force one into focus and -- one hopes -- flow.



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KB wrote:I think a couple of users would say that I can be cratchety too. :) My own tendency seems to be to say a little too quickly, "No, that doesn't fit in Scrivener," and then I think about it some more and put it in the next beta anyway

As opposed to saying a little too quickly, "No, that doesn't fit in [Product X]," and then thinking about it some more and realising it DOES fit in, and, what's more, fits in PERFECTLY, but still not putting it in the next beta because you already said "No, that doesn't fit in [Product X]"... :shock:

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michaelbywater wrote:...And I'm not even being shouted at as I would be on the forum for That Other Innovative Writer's Tool That Likes To Say "No! NO! It will NEVER HAPPEN! Do it OUR way!" (You know the one I mean. I love it, too, but...)

I only shout at Timotheus when he makes fun of my VoodooPad. ;)
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Do you still remember, Amber? It seems like I touched a very sensitive spot … Does it still hurt a little bit? I humbly apologize …