Any clue as to App Store arrival?

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Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:09 pm Post

I can only use Scrivener at work (which I do daily, to manage marketing and advertising product copywriting for a large retail chain) If I use the app store version. Anxiously awaiting the arrival on the app store for work, though I may just spring for the upgrade as well, so I can start using it at home.
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Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:32 pm Post

Pretty sad 'Apps for Writers' page in the Mac App Store without Scrivener!
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Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:49 pm Post

No clue at all, I'm afraid. I stayed up until 2am in the morning on Monday 13th ensuring it was submitted and it went into review that day. There was then an obscure metadata issue, and it took two days to get clarification from Apple on what might be the cause. It then went back into review, and has been sitting "In Review" since last Thursday. Scapple 1.3, a small update to a much simpler app, has been sitting "In Review" since last Wednesday. By contrast, it took our iOS update a day to get through review. Apple really does earn its 30-40%. :evil:

Now Apple are saying that reviews could take longer than usual over the next few days because of Thanksgiving (it seems they only have American reviewers), but given that "the usual" is already over a week, who knows how much longer we'll have to wait?

To be honest, the review process is perhaps my biggest gripe with the App Store (other than sandboxing). It's not uncommon to get rejected for something random that has never been a problem before with very little explanation, and review times seem completely random - sometimes it takes a day, other times a couple of weeks. It discourages releasing too many updates.

Anyway, not that I'm moaning or anything! Hopefully it won't be too much longer, but we're as in the dark as anybody else.
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