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bigorno wrote:
xiamenese wrote:You need to be more cautious with iCloud than with Dropbox as iCloud can be slow in sync'ing files in my experience, and it doesn't give a visible marker that sync'ing is in progress or complete. Dropbox badges its menubar icon to show the current state (as does Sync.com). Apart from that, as long as you don't allow iCloud to "optimise" your desktop and documents folders, or you put your Scrivener project folder at your user root, outside either of those, it should work between Macs.



Hi, you can see sync status in the finder : It is a little empty disk that fills up as the files are synchronized.

I know, but you have to go to finder and navigate to where the project is in the hierarchy on your disk. Dropbox and Sync show the synchronisation state permanently in the menu bar, visible whatever you are doing.


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It's not resistance, it's a technical question. Dropbox is the only service that provides the tools that Scrivener needs for synchronisation. Scrivener projects are actually a disguised folder (called a package in Mac terminology) inside which may be hundreds or thousands of files that all need to be kept properly organised. It is not like synchronising a single "flat" file of the kind that most programs use.
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lukahils2 wrote:Can someone fill me in on why Dropbox is the only sync option? iCloud Syncing works great for every other app I have on my iPad and iPhone, directly to iCloud, but with Scrivener it's the most maddening thing. Dropbox as an option, sure, but we're on iOS, shouldn't iCloud Sync be part of the makeup? Why the resistance?

Sincere questions.

It's not resistance. L&L staff have explained in detail many times on the forum. It's possibly also on earlier posts on this thread.

Only Dropbox handles the Scrivener project correctly for iOS syncing..