Feature Request: Labeled Lines/Arrows & stippled lines

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Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:02 pm Post

In its present form Scapple's bubbles can be connected together by a hard continuous line or arrow if the user chooses to use an arrow instead. A few features I am missing are:

[*] That the line or arrow be selectable (needed for the rest of the features)
[*] the formatting of the line can be changed by the user after creating it (editing line properties) like make/remove arrow head, make solid or stippled.
[*] That a line could be made stippled (a broken line) rather than just a solid line.
[*] Attach a label to the arrow. The user may choose whether to make the labels visible (for printing or exporting) or hiding them and show only on hover.

And why not, change the user interface, when I try Scapple it looks as if it came right out of the 80's.

My $0.05 cents (inflation again)