- doesn't re-open last Scapple note

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Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:32 am Post

Am sure this must have been noted, but couldn't find it.

Be on a note, scappling. Close Scapple. Reopen. You are looking at a new note, not the one you were working on.

I looked for a preference; couldn't find one.

Didn't like finding Options under File - so 1999. Maybe a Tools menu would be good idea, and matching to Scrivener? You have plenty of room, and items like Special Characters and Check for Updates could go there.

Something else I liked too, and had to find on an obscure menu; now can't find it ;)

Ah. It was Merge. And Split. What great things to have, and really sold me on Scapple in that moment of discovery.

What a nice tool, that i am beginning to use in anger. Because it is natural. Should be the slogan for L&L, if Keith agrees ;)