un-stacking stacks... possible? (the unstackables)

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moved a list of binder titles from scrivener into scapple. in scapple the titles are automatically stuck together as a stack.

i have been looking for ways to un-stack the stack since i want to move individual notes out of the group and not have any stack-like automatic shifting happen.

the only way i have found to do this is to auto-fit the stack and then apply align-right-edges to the whole group. then the group loses stack characteristics. clumsy. can also get a note out of the stack (without an auto-shift) by moving the note just a hair, dropping it, and then clicking again to move it out of the stack. also clumsy.

nothing in the manual about un-stacking. i could use this in other applications where i would like to stack and then un-stack later. what am i missing? any ideas please?

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Stacks are defined by their left-aligned edges and the distance between them, so the only way to unstack them is to adjust one or both of these for the given stack. For instance, select the stack and a note just above or below it (or drag the top or bottom note up or down a bit to separate it and then select it and the rest of the stack), then choose Notes > Distribute > Vertically to increase the spacing and unstack them.
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