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Scenario: Link inserted into Note using Ctrl+Shift+L
Comment: Activating the link doesn't quite work as expected (by me at least - at first I thought it wasn't working). The embedded link only works if in edit mode within the note. i.e. double click the note first (or press f2) ... then click the link.
My preference: I can see this is 100% logical if several links are included in a long note. However it would be preferable for the link to operate at the shape level (IMO). For example if using Scapple to create a dashboard or wiki I just want to click and go. It would mean links have to be created in their own note rather than embedded mid paragraph but with Stacks this shouldn't be an issue (I would have thought)

Minor point I appreciate. Overall the more I use Scapple the more I like it. Hence the desire to make it perfect... lol. Keep up the good work and many thanks!

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Fri Sep 20, 2013 5:48 pm Post

No that is the expected behaviour. I won't say that is the optimum behaviour, but it is the most efficient behaviour when balancing optimum between technical difficulty of implementation. There are reasons you can't just click a link, we didn't do that on purpose. Perhaps when there is time to play with experimental drawing models we can take another look at it. Thanks for the kind words!
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