Printing bug?

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Thu Sep 19, 2013 1:19 pm Post

I wanted to print out a copy of what I'm working on to work on adding to it at a coffee shop (netbook is a Linux machine), so I used View -> Page Guides to show the page area, and lined everything up inside the pages. Print Preview shows that I have multiple pages to print. But, when I print, I get one page with everything on it.

I have the page set to 8.5x11. Also, the Page Guides don't seem to show the correct size of page. Going by the Guides, I have 6 pages. When I do Print Preview, it tells me 9.

Is there a print setting that I missed?

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Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:04 pm Post

There are a couple bugs with printing/previewing/page guides that we've addressed in the next update, so I suspect this should take care of the issues you're seeing, including page guides calculating extra pages. (Do ensure though that you don't have notes with empty space spanning a page guide line; that would push the print preview into adding an extra page, even though it may be empty.) Also check that in the Print Preview you haven't selected the "Fit to page" option, third icon from the left in the toolbar. That would scale your board to fit a single page, so all your notes would come out in one page, although since the preview is still showing multiple pages I expect that's not the problem. I've been working with the internal builds, though, so it's possible that was a bug that's been corrected.
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