Bug- Horizontal alignment & Inspector

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Tried to horizontally align two notes. Doesn't work, the notes end up one on top of the other.

Also, the Inspector window still sits on top of other programs even when the Scapple window isn't active. Have to minimize the software or close the inspector to get it out of the way.

Loving the software otherwise. Definitely buying when it goes public.


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Aligning notes by their horizontal centres means that the notes are moved so that a vertical line will slice through the middle of each note. It will only move notes along a horizontal axis, so if they are already lined up horizontally, this would result in them overlapping one another.

The latest beta offers a new option for embedding the inspector in the side of the window to address the technical problem of the floating window always staying on top of other programs. This wasn't by design but just the way the "always on top" setting works in Windows--in order to keep the inspector on top of Scapple so you can use it to modify the notes, it ends up floating over other windows as well. Using the embedded inspector will let you keep the inspector open without it being in the way when flipping to other programs.
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'Always on top' is ment for important warnings. Many programs has floating windows that are not on top of everything else (see e.g. Open source programs as LibreOffice). Technical: The floating window just need a z-order that are 1 higher than the main window.

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You are correct about the Z order, gapsen. The Z order is "owned" by the OS. In a native windows app one would access the native window resources and adjust the Z order as desired. This Z Order adjustment is not available on every OS(Display Manager to be more precise). We use the Qt library, which is a multiplatform library. As this flag is not available on all platforms, it is not easy to change it through the Qt library, the way you would do in a native Windows app. We did many tests, which has not resulted into the behavior you and I would expect. We still try to find the best solution for the stay-on-top and the embedded inspector is one of them. If we manage to make the stay-on-top work as expected, it will be available with the next updates, but the future does not look bright for this option at the moment.

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My mistake. I assumed that the problem was solved since I used Qt years ago. :oops: