Feature Request: Insert/modify table

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Tables can be copied into Scapple from an RTF-document. It would be nice to be able to insert tables in Scapple directly and modify them (like adding/deleting rows and columns).
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I am with you Gab. I too would love to be able to embed tables. Another vote for this enhancement

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this post caught my eye since i have been wrestling with this issue. i have a table set up in a word file. the table is not that large, about 150 entries.

i have been looking for ways to pop it into scapple as individual notes so i can move things around easily.

and then... wouldn't it be just too cool if i could take that new scapple order and get it back into a formal table.

so far i have had no success. my table data shows up in scapple as one Giant note. impossibly cumbersome.

any ideas?

thank you
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