Not sure if a bug or just a crash

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But here's a bug report from a crash that just occurred a few minutes ago.

Three projects open, closed the first and then attempted to close a second, both by clicking the "close" button in the upper-left corner of the window frame (as opposed to CMD-W on the keyboard or File->Close in the menu bar).

After clicking on the second window's close button, there was a few moment delay, followed by the pinwheel, and then the crash window, with the attached crash log.
RTF file with contents of the crash log
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I don’t see anything too specific to Scrivener in there. When it crashed, the only stuff running was deeper OS X stuff, from what I can see. It could be that you ran into a bug earlier in the session, it just kind of sat around until you tried to close. I would suggest enabling the Show internal error alerts option in the General preference pane, for a while. If an exception occurs while using the software, you’ll be alerted. Try to think of what you just did, and relay those steps in your report. Thanks!
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