"Dot" feature & navigation improvement

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Scapple is just wonderful! Great work guys!

I have a feature suggestion: Could you Implement a "dot" feature. This would behave as a branch node, allowing us to very quickly create trees where required.

I have become used to this feature in Nuke (a node based image compositing software) and I think it would be really helpful within Scapple.

Here is a screenshot of a "Dot" in Nuke.

Also, I think the canvas navigation could be modified a bit- to improve on user operation speed. Panning and Zooming operations could be simplified to one shared keyboard modifier and 2 mouse buttons.

For example:

Option Left Click = Panning
Option Right Click = Zooming (Moving mouse left zooms out, right zooms in)

In my work I have experienced several node based applications and have found the above configuration to be the most fluid and speedy experience for canvas navigation.

I hope you consider my suggestions; and once again, nice work on the great app! I'm looking forward to using it extensively!

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Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:33 pm Post

We might have something coming up that will work as a "dot". That isn't its intended design purpose, but it would work as a null node like that.


Panning = Spacebar
Zooming = Pinch gesture, and we also have a quick navigation tool that works a bit like the Mac's Expose. Just hold down the Z key, point, and let go to snap to that position. You can also manipulate items while zoomed all the way out.
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Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:06 am Post

Hey Amber, thanks for the reply.

The Null Node sounds perfect, I hope it does indeed get implemented :)

Regarding Navigation:

I absolutely LOVE the QuickZoom functionality. I want it it everywhere now (in my other apps)! It's a very welcome enhancement, but not an outright replacement for other navigation methods.

As a mouse & wacom user (no trackpad), my suggestions are based on extensive experience with a variety of node based canvasses. Using Modifier + Click&Drag for the zoom is really very fast. I know some people would be (rolling their eyes) thinking "but it's not slow to use the Modifier + ScrollWheel". But if you could only try it, you would know where I am coming from.

I can appreciate that for laptop/trackpad owners it would make sense to pinch-to-zoom. But the case I am making is for mouse / wacom users.

Space + LeftClickDrag = Panning;
would it be possible to also implement
Space + RightClickDrag = Zooming?

Using space as the modifier also poses an issue- as the user is required to click off the currently active note's text field in order to begin navigation. So replacing Space with another shared modifier would be ideal.

These ideas I am proposing are in support of Scapples aim to be the fastest digital napkin in town.