Don't make this too complicated

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My business is writing. My business is Not learning a complicated tool that is supposed to make the writing easier. I could do most fiction writing in Bean or WordPad. If commands aren't intuitive, I won't spend the time to train a new way of writing. I can't afford the time. My paper scribbles are simple and look like your example - many scraps of paper as idea come. My first Scrapple project for a short story (deadline looming) was ok. I didn't use some of the features in Scrapple. More of a paper scribble analog that I almost could do in Word or Power Point - Scrapple was better than they would have been. It was more like notes and a brainstorming analysis of interrelationships, plot points, GMC, outcomes. I don't think my Scrapple scribble would translate directly to Scrivener, so I did my corkboard with Scrapple in the background as a reference. The plotting was on the corkboard cards. I'll continue to use Scrapple, but I'll need more training to use it to a fuller extent. Please resist the urge to multilayer more features and commands.