Feature Suggestion, but don't mess with success!

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Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:21 pm Post

Love Scapple! I don't know if I am missing something that already exists or if it has already been suggested, but I feel guilty using the software so much without offering comments.

I could use a Roll-up kind of note that could be attached to a node and opened when more information is required at that point. Also, a hyperlink capability, to documents that might be too long to paraphrase in a roll-up note.

Bottome line is, though, I love how intuitive it is. I have several other similar but more expensive apps but never found they replaced my urge to map concepts with a pen and paper. Scapple works for me! I would caution against making it all-singing-all-dancing, and the interoperability with your Scrivener is how the universe should unfold.

Good luck to you on this, and looking forward to what you come up with for iOS.