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For a long time I couldn't get out of full screen mode. I closed the app and re-opened, but it was still full screen. Eventually, I thought to place my cursor at the top of the screen, and found that the Finder toolbar appeared, and that I could then reduce the full screen. I also found that it contains a shortcut (Control, Shift, F). On investigating and playing further, it appears this is more a matter of my ignorance on how Mac 10.7.5 works and this is actually Mac functionality at work. Nevertheless, having no toolbar at all I found to be disconcerting during the dilemma (yet, I did like the uncluttered screen).

I see that Scrivener uses a similar method, but retains a toolbar when in Full Screen view. However, it seems to me, that this mode in Scapple is more the equivalent to Scrivener's Composition Mode. Given this, like Scrivener's Composition mode, Scapple could do with having the Escape key function as an alternative option for escaping the view.

Just a thought for discussion!


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I think the point here is that Full Screen Mode is part of the Lion/Mountain Lion system as set up by Apple, whereas Composition Mode is the home-brewed "Full Screen" mode which Keith developed for Scrivener before the advent of Lion, and which was renamed so as not to conflict with the Lion/Mountain Lion version, but was kept as it has features of its own which are useful in the writing process. So the use of the Escape key to close Composition Mode is the result of Keith's programming; whether it is possible to assign a key — Escape or otherwise — to the system mode through the Keyboard Shortcut preferences is another matter, which you might like to explore.

Full Screen Mode is identical in both apps; the difference is that Scrivener has a customisable tool bar, which Scapple doesn't.
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Escape has other uses in Scapple, that's the main problem here - it starts and ends editing, for instance. So it can't also be used to exit full screen mode.

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