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A suggestion: I am working on a map now that might benefit from being able to put a border around and shade a group of items that are related, but I don't want to put lines on because they aren't derivative just loosely related. I created a map, added ten or twenty words & concepts, and found that afterwards as I was dragging the words around to relate to each other that I had basically three broad themes, and was just wanting to identify them on the map with a shade and perhaps a lasso/circle of some kind rather than put them all in one circle or connecting them with lines. In other words, when I lasso a group of words and put a border around them it goes around the individual words rather than making a group that I can then shade.

Thanks: In one of the earlier posts (that I now can't find) Keith made a reference to "Writing the Natural Way" by Gabriele Rico. I am working through the book now and it is helping me better formulate my ideas at the beginning of a project. And, with that book, now Scapple is making sense to me in a way it didn't before. Thanks for the pointer.


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Hi Ed,

Although I know a lot of users want something like this, I'm afraid there are no plans at the moment for a grouping tool that would draw a border with shading around notes. I may reconsider this in the future, though.

Thanks and all the best,
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Please include me in that 'lot of people'. ;-)

Scapple is unique and a great tool, bridging the chasm between mind and machine. Not a six file freeway bridge, mind you, but definitely a well-crafted suspension bridge.