Excellent App - please keep it simple

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I really like Scapple.

I used to work as a management consultant and often would use yellow post it notes to collect data from idea generation and then group common thoughts together. That bit was always fun and interactive but the problem then became how to create electronic versions for sharing. You could use Powerpoint or Visio or some such and there was/is a superb software package called The Creative Thinker (http://www.idonresources.com - but this only runs in Windows environment). The latter is interesting because its not about what the package can do necessarily its about how you use it.

So. Yes its nice to have multiple colours/fonts etc but whatever you release please keep it simple and basic because its how you think that's important - not always how you represent those thoughts. :D

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Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:51 am Post

I second that!

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"Me too" posts are usually frowned on, but I must break the rule to second this point most strongly. So far, Scapple has astonished me with its combination of usefulness and simplicity. I have a ton of applications on my laptop and phone that started out as easy to use, but went on to get loaded with "features". Don't go there, guys!

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Thanks for the kind words, and for your support! I definitely want to keep Scapple simple, if only for my own sanity. :)

Happy New Year!
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