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I just wanted to say I've been using Scapple in a work context and I'm really liking it. This may not be the intended usage but it works great. I have my Macbook open either during meetings or at my desk rather than a notebook and, as things occur to me or actions crop up I jot a note down in Scapple. The bonus is being able to re-order and link these notes later on, impose some order on them and then kick them out as an OPML file. This is a really nice workflow for me. I will be first in the queue for a paid for version.

Hate the name mind, what on earth does it mean? And it took me quite a while to get used to the missing 'r'. Awesome tool though. Love it. Well done.

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Scapple is an obscure verb for the rough reduction or planing of stone (or timber, in more distant centuries), or the process used to get the stone ready for finer work at a later time. Scrapple, on the other hand, is a meal cake of stewed pork bits and corn. If you ask me, I think the first word is more appropriate and the 'r' is hardly missing. :mrgreen:

As for its intended usages, I'd say they are right up there with the intended usage of a pen and a sheet of paper. If it works well, then do it. I think taking down notes and to do list tangents sounds like an excellent use case.
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