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I see that this forum is packed with topics already, so probably most has been said before, but I just want to give you my feedback as well.
I really like Scapple! It has just what I had looked for in so many Mind-Mapping-Apps.
I understand that you want to keep it very simple and I get the benefits of that. Anyway, I would love to have even more freedom, which would mean especially the possibility to draw lines or whatever freehand (like circling in notes or marking them or drawing one big arrow or skulls and bones or whatever).
Second, I would really, really love more integration into scrivener. Actually, what would be perfect would be something like a plug-in: once you installed scapple, you can open it within scrivener, instead of an editor, saving your files within an project, dragging notes from the finder into it and the other way around - stuff like that.
Third, I would like the possibility to attach comments to the notes, which could then be exported as opml as well. This is a feature I know works with iThoughts HD: you can create a mind-map, which can be exported into scrivener as an outline. You can have text attached as a comment, which then gets imported as well. This way you can have the notes (or branches in the mind-map) as a scene-header and have corresponding text (like snippets of dialogue or whatever) with it as sub-documents.

I have no idea about programming, so please ignore me if my suggestions aren´t realistic.

Oh, and fourth, yes I too would long for an iOS-Version, but I totally respect what you said on this topic.

Thanks for another great App