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Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:52 pm Post

No important thread. It's only that right now, this Sunday afternoon, I am seriously working on a real project with Scapple for the first time, and I simply have to ventilate how excited I am about this tool. I own Tinderbox, Curio, a bunch of outliners, you name it – but as far as intuitive work is concerned, Scapple beats them all hands down. After thirty minutes or so into the work I had forgotten the interface and was just thinking … creating … coming up with ideas … without any nifty features distracting me. Scapple has all that's really needed and I can't wait to buy my licence!


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Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:18 pm Post

Thanks, Andreas! I've recently managed to start using it for Actual Stuff lately, rather than just testing it. I've been using it for dream journalling. I like to write down my dreams when I wake up, and am finding that Scapple is perfect for the job. Anyone who dream journals knows the problems with it. Recollection doesn't work like normal memory recall, and things slip in and out as you try to record them; when you remember one thing it is not uncommon for eight other memories to pop up out of nowhere. The non-linear and flat work space that Scapple provides is perfect, because you don't have to worry about outline hierarchy, or text linearity. If the thing you are writing about spawns a few other memories you can just Cmd-Ctrl-Arrow out capture a few words so anchor the thought, and then pop back to what you were doing. I've tried to use other software for this in the past (including Scrivener), and while it works okay there are often too many structural limitations that require you to leave your thoughts and think about the "meta". Maybe you suddenly remember something that relates to a branch you made five minutes ago. You want to capture it now, but to get it into the right spot you have to backtrack to the contextually appropriate spot in the outline. With Scapple none of that is a problem. I can just double-click somewhere near the cluster it relates to, drop a few words in and go back. I would say the magic is in the reduction of friction. You can do this stuff in other software, even just a plain old text editor, but it requires more moving about and more thinking about tending to the software's data model.
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Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:07 pm Post

I've been using it for character sketches and it's fantastic for that. Usually I just wind up with lists and paragraphs all over the place, but scapple lets me spider out on traits, so I've started thinking about my character dev differently. I'm starting with either a trait or something that happened to the character, doesn't matter which, and working outward with the impacts of that trait/event and how it manifests in their personality and actions. I've learned so much about my characters from this process, and I wouldn't have started doing it this way without scapple.