Images hide dotted lines - possible bug or intended feature?

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Hello again,

I was recently attempting to find a homegrown solution to add enclosing shapes to groups of ideas, by simply importing in simple PNG shapes with a clear layer fill. This works well in that the background colour still shows through if the shape is sent to back. However it still covers the connector lines (dotted or otherwise). Is this intended, or is there a problem with sending images to a layer behind the lines as well as other notes?

To explain what I mean, I have attached two simple screenshots. In the first shot, there are three basic notes. In the second shot, I imported the PNG, sized it to fit, and then chose the 'Send to back' option. As you can see, it looks fine lurking behind the notes except that the dotted lines now disappear.

Again, not sure if this is a bug or intended functionality. I couldn't find any reference to this elsewhere in the forum.

Either way, this is a fantastic piece of software that fills a real gap, and I am already using it intensively for my work as well as sharing it with as many people as I can. Like so many others here, I will be delighted to pay for it, just as I was when I discovered Scrivener so many years ago. Thank you so much Keith for cooking this one up!

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I'm afraid that this is a necessity of the drawing code. All of the lines are drawn in one big batch, and then the boxes are drawn afterwards. It has to be done this way for technical reasons (drawing speed and avoiding exact and complicated calculations for line terminations).

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