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Hi: I really like what I see of Scapple so far. It's the right program at the right time for me in terms of organizing a specific project. I've never used a Beta version and would like to provide any useful feedback. For example, Program just "quit unexpectedly" as I was moving notes between one Scapple file and another, which I'd done successfully before. So I can't give you the exact sequence of commands. Do you want me to copy and send the "Problem System and System Configuration" that always comes up when a Mac program quits? David

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Thanks for pitching in! You could send use the crash report (it should be asking if you wish to do so, when relaunching the software) but without any clue as to what was happening when the crash occurred, it probably won't say much. If you can get it to happen between two documents repeatedly with a certain note, then it would help to send us the files and let us know which thing to drag where.
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