Feature Suggestion: Set note style defualts in inspector

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First: Great implementation. (I've been using "Inspiration" for >10 years for this sort of thing, and Scapple is a welcome improvement. Simple and direct.)

My issue: As a "first impression user", I soon got confused about setting a default note style, mainly by overlooking the general Preferences settings (my fault). I did use the Format > Note Style options to create a style, but of course that wasn't a "sticky" setting.

Since the Inspector is so prominent, why not add to the Note Style pane a "Set As Defaults" button (as there is in the Document pane? That would provide an easy, alternate way to create a default style, in addition to using the Preferences window.

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Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it.

I haven't really got any argument against your suggestion; I think that could work just as well as the current implementation. However, I personally prefer these options in the preferences and think that is generally more standard, so - for now at least - I'll leave these as-is, but I will bear this suggestion in mind for the future.

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