Feature candidate: Rotate Element.

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First, Scapple = Fantastic! Thank you...

In crowded page conditions, to highlight another note, or just to follow along a connecting line (etc.), it would be most helpful to be able to angle notes (+30 degrees uphill, -45 degrees downhill, etc.).

A way I envision this functionality could work would be to include a Format option called Rotate. Selecting a note (or other element perhaps) would enable the Rotate function; clicking Format | Rotate would somehow enable control of the desired angle, either by plus-ing or minus-ing (a la Zoom), or selecting/specifying an angle.

(presumably the calculated center point of the object would be used as the rotation point.)

I humbly submit this glorious distraction for your consideration, in hopes it may be implemented for all those among us who chafe at the bridles of conventional zero-degree text constraints.

Max in Minneapolis
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Thanks for the kind words!

I'm afraid there are no plans to add a "Rotate" feature at the moment, though. I don't rule it out entirely for the future, as it's a nice idea, but rotating text objects and still having them editable would be a non-trivial addition. That might be something for 2.0. :)

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