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Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:32 am Post

A couple years ago, I realized I'm an abstract-random thinker...I've mocked mindmapping only to find out that I think in mindmap. I was transitioning jobs at work and dumped all its myriad responsibilities on a whiteboard ala mindmap. Over a week I fleshed it out so that my successor could pick up where I left off. She copied down my mindmap into an outline; but I later found out that for the following 10 months she and her team referred to the mindmap to manage my old job (nice to know it took a team to replace me).

Since then, my home and work offices are covered in 2'x2' post-its with mindmaps, and life is better overall. My wife and I recently did a deep-dive in things we need to think about over the next decade (I think long term).

Last night, she noticed some of my mindmaps coming off the wall. She also noticed Scapple spread out across both monitors with our planning session duplicated. I have now transitioned a personal project to Scapple and have a complete mind dump. I also have a story concept I'm fleshing worldbuilding notebook was a few posters that are now faithfully reproduced (minus bad handwriting).

Liking the hyperlinking (can they go between Scapples), sorta wishing I could add tables, pictures, etc. Only to find out I can add pictures (just drag) and tables are basically stacked notes.

I've tried other mindmap tools, they were too linear, linked lists instead of freeform.

Needless to say, I'll be buying post-beta.

I'm also thinking if you port this to Windows you'll be hitting serious paydirt, though I think this is going to do well by itself.

Not Kevin has again come up with just the right tool.

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Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:21 pm Post

let me add my praise for Scapple. Even in beta, I have been using it extensively.

I have a good "mind mapping" application but Scapple allows me to more in the way of "concept mapping" or mapping of ideas. It's much more versatile than a mind-mapping application and just what I have been looking for.

Will be looking forward to its development and will certainly buy it when it becomes available.

One request for the future would be an iOS version. It would be a killer app!

thank you

Michael Marrin