Scapple for iOS

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Wed Dec 02, 2020 5:20 pm Post

I'm planning to use Scrivener and would love to use Scapple but the "no iOS" makes it a "no" for me as my only ideas management solution

I will take a look at Morpholio but in the meantime, I'm trialling SimpleMind - a mind map app on iOS, Mac and Windows that has the feature of allowing crosslinks - arbitrarily linking two topics. I'll delve into if this can be used without limit for a true many-to-many mapping. The .opml the desktop version generates seems to pass into Scrivener ok, with topics as documents and notes as the document contents.

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Fri Dec 25, 2020 3:02 pm Post

Please. Make it.

A New Year's resolution. To port.

Scapple to iOS!

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Scapple is in my opinion the absolute best mind mapping software out there. The new Ipad Pro with keyboard and pencil is screaming for an iOS version and so are we. How difficult would it be the adapt to iOS? Scapple and Scrivener on Ipad Pro how amazing would that be? Get it done.

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I have been using mindmaps for 35 years from the very beginning and watched many ecosystems complicate themselves out of existence... Simplicity and practicality is a very hard balance and Scapple has it 100%.
I would happily pay for it on IOS , even for the higher range of £20 or so .
The one functionality it is missing , and which prevents me being able to use it extensively for work is the "online collaboration" which Miro has (but Miro is that annoying forced mindmap format and not the lovely card based scapple) .

Please develop it for IOS and at some point make it online/collaborative .

Thanks from a big fan who is happy to pay for this great software.

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Sun Feb 14, 2021 3:27 pm Post

I want to integrate this into my daily workflows but without an iOS/iPadOS version, Scrapple will never hit the mainstream! Love the app but the development of a mobile version is desperately needed for us geeks who teach others how workflows work.

Please build a mobile version of Scrapple, the time is now!

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code5 wrote:Please build a mobile version of Scrapple, the time is now!

Hear hear!

I do understand how small the team is and that they must prioritize what they work on…

But I would've paid $50 for an iOS app a year ago, if it meant I could be using it today. The fact that it's not even in development today (as far as we know) means it'll that much longer before it could ever be released. More years of lost potential… These mobile devices keep leaping forward, but they're only as good as their software enables them to be.

Scapple is the Little App That Can. It really feels like a missing piece on the iOS platform. We need a way to tap out ideas and re-arrange them and make basic links between them on a nice iPad screen. The alternative mind map apps are too clunky with special features and unique UXs that I don't want to be bothered learning. Scapple is the only one that has mastered the simplicity of what's necessary at a fundamental level, and to be able to open .scap files across platforms would be glorious.

My iPad aches for this app.

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Fri May 14, 2021 8:26 am Post

I've been told via Twitter that an iOS version of Scapple is somewhere on the roadmap

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Fri May 14, 2021 11:43 am Post

You can get similar results to Scapple using Inspiration Maps (Free on iPad app store, paid upgrade for more features.)

It's what I use. It's a free-form mind-mapping, diagramming app that can switch between a graphical view or an outline. Hundreds of included symbols, label the lines too if you want to, etc. Worth a look.

If you only want to work out one thing at a time, the free version is enough. It allows saving, so just wipe the old one and start again.

I bought it, since it was cheap, and have one or two maps on the go for every novel I write now, like free-form notes and story-wrangling. Currently working on a Mystery and it's great for diagramming the relationships and secrets of the Victim and the suspects in visual form. (Something that's hard to do in text.)

Again, I used it because there was no Scapple. :mrgreen:
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